CARE Ownership Program Components


Renovation/ Landlord Training Component

CARE Ownership’s primary focus is the renovation of individual properties and the training of those who will be the future owner/occupant landlords of the properties. Each property is considered a specific project. The names of trainees are withheld in order to protect their privacy.


Shadeland Avenue Landlord Training Project: This project is the first property developed by CARE Ownership. It is a prototype for testing the various processes and procedures that will be used on future projects.


Personal Financial Skills Training Component

One set of ancillary programs focuses on the development of personal financial skills for individuals seeking to apply for the Landlord Training.

Personal Financial Skills Training is offered as limited timeframe classes, approximately eight weeks in length, and is combined with supportive personal mentoring. They are offered in different neighborhoods for the convenience of attendees.

One-on-One Mentoring, with a business volunteer and typically a six-month commitment, is an option for applicants, also.

This program also can be customized and offered as free-standing classes for interested groups on a fee-for-service basis.

Volunteer Mentor Component

CARE Ownership’s mentoring component is at the heart of the trainee’s life-changing journey of growth, offering a unique opportunity for dedicated individuals to make a lasting impact in the lives of city residents and their neighborhoods.

The CARE Ownership mentor model focuses on the habits and ingrained perspectives that can be obstacles to financial progress, self -sufficiency and generational change.

Through supportive relationship based training, the CARE Ownership volunteer mentor supports the trainee’s personal development as well as the specific skills needed to become a successful landlord. In turn, the mentor gains a high level of satisfaction as the trainee and his/her property transform over the three-year commitment!

CARE Ownership invests substantial time and resources in the preparation of its volunteer mentors during eight weeks of training to supplement the life and workplace experience the volunteer brings to the assignment.

CARE Ownership carefully matches trainees with one or more mentors who guide them as they learn new skills and work out how to implement new learning in their daily lives.

This program also can be customized and offered as free-standing classes for interested groups on a fee-for-service basis.


Participant advises: “Embrace change…enjoy the blessing!”

davidSome may call David’s enrollment in CARE Ownership a coincidence. He calls it a blessing. Originally, his father was to participate after meeting Linda Schultz. But his dad’s schedule changed leaving him to encourage David, age 32, to apply. With three and a half years of training completed, David admits to some “growing pains” when he started but now understands how things he learned, like record keeping and following a budget, can actually make money for you! Then it was on to his property – CARE Ownership’s first in the city’s Marshall/Shadeland section of the North Side, working with two contractors on drywall and learning about the proper use and function of tools.

Linda Schultz became his mentor and someone he describes “more like family.” “Linda never tells you what to do, but helps you get the information to make the best choice yourself,” David says. David’s observation of some youth along with his past mistakes help him to understand the challenges CARE Ownership sets out to overcome. “Because some can’t relate to the middle class, they are resistant to learning and changing even if what is before them seems rational or true,” David says. His advice: “Be opened minded, embrace change, take the training seriously, and enjoy the blessing!”

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