Take the First Step

Landlord Training

Applying to be a CARE Ownership Landlord Training is the first step to your road to a safe and comfortable place to live and opportunities to learn skills to be your OWN landlord!

If you consider yourself someone who is willing to learn and risk trusting others to get there, then CARE Ownership can help you greatly increase your financial well-being with long-term personalized support and mentoring to assist you to achieve success.

We are looking for men or women committed to learning landlord and business skills, own their own building and become their own landlord of a multi-family building.

In exchange for reduced rent in a unit of a multi-family home in one of our renovated properties, you will work approximately five hours per week during the evening and on weekends helping to fix up the house you will ultimately own. You will take part in mentoring and training programs to learn: construction, maintenance and repair working alongside a construction supervisor 5-10 hours per week; business and financial skills; and landlord management skills. Training is provided by qualified, experienced business professionals.

This is a long-term commitment for you and for Care Ownership. The training program will take three years, during which time you will continue to live in your apartment at reduced rent.

After satisfactory completion of the training programs, CARE Ownership will help you to purchase the building, which will provide you with monthly income and free rent as long as you own the building.

To learn more about the program and other qualifications, call Linda Schultz, vice president, CARE Ownership, at 412-973-4566, or download the application from the link below, complete it and mail or email it to us. We will review and respond to you within one week of receiving your application.

Who Can Apply

Landlord Trainee applicants are those who are committed to making a new life for themselves, who are already on the path to change, but see the need for a sustainable income along with mentorship in financial management skills to succeed. To apply, you must be currently employed and able to move.

To be eligible for and truly benefit from acceptance into our program, a prospective trainee must have been drug and alcohol free for one year, employed 40 hours per week, and be willing to invest energy and time to develop sustainable economic security.

Download a Landlord Training Application – Word Doc or PDF


Community Support

CARE Ownership’s Warehouse Program helps to reduce the cost of renovations of CARE Ownership properties as well as to assist others, including low-income current homeowners, to fix up properties in the neighborhoods where we work. This support of the broader neighborhood extends CARE Ownership’s impact to other stakeholders who care about the revitalization of their community and want to remain in their homes instead of being pushed out by rising rents.

If you want to help us change lives please donate to our cause.