CARE Ownership fights economic segregation and supports wealth building of residents in low-income communities. Mentoring individuals in the skills of real estate management leads to their ownership of renovated, income-producing residences in transformed neighborhoods.


It takes a determined individual to trust enough to step beyond the stereotypes, learned behaviors and ingrained assumptions that block the path to safe housing and secure employment. CARE Ownership provides the tools and the opportunity!

Together we can help stop the cycle of neighborhood decay and gentrification that leaves low-income families uprooted or at the mercy of slum landlords!

CARE Ownership is a comprehensive alternative!

Reinterpreting the stewardship of property so that all stakeholders benefit, CARE Ownership’s business model was launched in 2007.

Unlike other programs, CARE Ownership’s core components create permanent, sustainable, affordable residences that offer new hope to neighborhoods while empowering economically disadvantaged individuals and families to thrive not just survive!

CARE Ownership:


The Shadeland /Marshall Property – CARE Ownership’s First

A $25,000 donation allowed the purchase of our first building on Shadeland Avenue , North Side, for $10,000 in 2008. Renovation work began with the help of the first trainee. The property had sustained significant water damage from vandals who had torn copper pipes out of the foreclosed building. The demolition phase of rebuilding was completed, followed by removal of moldy and water damaged surfaces, improperly installed and neglected bathrooms and kitchens. A leaky roof and crumbling foundations were repaired, paving the way for restoration and transformation!


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