Steel City CodeFest 2015

The best App Developers in the region will be tasked with creating a CARE Ownership app this coming February!

The Steel City Codefest is a city-wide app building event that brings together coders, designers, and innovation enthusiasts to create apps for local government, citizens, and community organizations over a 24-hour period. Participants form teams, tackle challenges and compete for prizes. Codefest 3.0 will allow teams to use their creativity to develop and build innovative apps. Teams will have the option to build their own ideas or to select one of the challenges that will be presented by local nonprofit organization or government agency.

To see what happened last year, check out the website for the 2014 Codefest.

steel city codefest

This year, the Codefest is highlighting twelve specific challenges that have been sourced from nonprofits and government organizations around the region. We encourage all participating teams to consider tackling one of these challenges. They have each been determined to address an important community or organizational need. More than one team can choose the same challenge. (Teams are not required to choose one of these challenges to participate. You are also able to create your own idea). The stakeholder organization for each of these challenges will be available in-person to answer questions for all Codefest ticket holders at an event on February 6, 2015 from 6-8pm.

To read more visit the Steel City CodeFest website.

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