Neighborhood Allies Funding Received!

CARE Ownership is proud to announce that we have been awarded the grant funding that we have been hoping for.  

$60,000 has been provided to implement a wealth-building program that trains and empowers existing residents in Larimer to become owner-occupants of multi-unit, formally blighted properties. 

Pittsburgh, PA December 5, 2014:   Neighborhood Allies is pleased to announce investments totaling $478,000 which will support creative, innovative, collaborative and inspiring projects and ideas that will help transform struggling neighborhoods into more sustainable, healthier, safer and stronger communities.

A total of 7 awards have been made in the fall 2014 round, representing a new approach to investing in neighborhoods that supports innovative, resident-driven, comprehensive development and revitalization strategies and partnerships. “These financial investments, coupled with intensive support from our talented staff and dedicated partners will provide the needed resources to produce positive social impact and improve neighborhoods so that all residents are able to enjoy a better quality of life” says Presley Gillespie, Neighborhood Allies President. Neighborhood Allies plans to hold another Catalytic Grant funding round in early 2015.

Awards were made in six priority communities across the City of Pittsburgh and into neighboring first-ring suburbs. Projects will address a myriad of local issues and opportunities ranging from neighborhood leadership and capacity, wealth building and access to healthy foods, to blight removal and workforce development and job placement initiatives. For more details on the fall 2014 awardees and their projects visit

We would like to thank Neighborhood Allies and all who have supported CARE Ownership in so many ways  in 2014.  We look forward to further advancing our goal of community empowerment in the coming year.

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