CARE Ownership...restoring property and lives through real estate ownership

CARE Ownerships unique model

Creates renovated, affordable housing
Mentors individuals to become home owners
Equips individuals as landlords of the renovated properties
CARE Ownership focuses on a part of inner-city blight that is not addressed by any other organization – properties owned by absentee landlords that have been abandoned, have become drug havens, or have been totally neglected.

Blighted and abandoned properties contribute to the negative cycle of neighborhood decline and hopelessness for low-income, disadvantaged populations.

CARE Ownership’s mission is to break this cycle by transforming inner-city neighborhoods while giving families of low income an economic opportunity to thrive not just survive!

Our Mission

To contribute to the fight against economic segregation and support wealth building of residents in low-income neighborhoods by mentoring individuals in the skills of real estate management, leading to their ownership of renovated, income-producing residences in transformed neighborhoods.

If you want to help us change lives please donate to our cause.